Fruit Modena Group successfully achieves yet another important new goal characterised by internationalisation. An operation set in a broader view that also seeks to expand exports in all directions to reach other countries – even Japan or Far East. This is how the Queen of Italian Pears – Abate Fetel – took the road on to the American market.

For the first time ever a FMG sea freight from Genoa to New York left on 2 October 2013, arriving at destination in 11 days for immediate distribution through American East Coast chains. The US market does not include this pear among its home production and consequently through sales outlets. Abate Fetel  appeal to American consumers not only thanks to its elongated shape, large size and weight but also and especially to its flavour – the BRIX sugar grade for this pear is well above 15%, thereby ensuring incredibly sweet and juicy sensations.

All this helps hold the name of "Made in Italy" high throughout the world as a synonym of genuineness and quality.