FMG Pears

  • Abate F.
  • Williams
  • Max Red B.
  • Santa Maria
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  • A. Kaiser
  • Comice

Abate Fetel

The Queen of Pears, accounts for almost half of our production (40%). The elongated shape, the yellowish green skin with prominent lenticels, the typical russeting of the peduncular area and the enlarged part of the fruit, characterize this pear that has a particularly sweet taste. It is harvested in September, but its sales campaign continues until April of the following year.


Perfect for eating fresh, is also the main cultivar used in industrial processing for the production of fruit juices and fruit salads. It is distinguished by its sweet taste and scent, enclosed in a green skin that turns yellow when the fruit is ripe, and has the classic pear-shape. It has no russet and is particularly juicy when fully ripe. It is harvested in the first half of August and the commercial availability continues right up to February.

Max Red Bartlett (Red William)

Williams pear variant of which it retains the typical scent and sweetness. It has a red skin that fades into hues of green, but under favourable conditions it becomes entirely ruby red. Harvest is a bit later than that of Williams.


Santa Maria

A quite juicy summer variety characterised by high productivity and early fruiting. The fruit is pear-shaped and medium-to-large (180 gr); it has a smooth, pale yellow skin with small, green-yellow lenticels. Sunshine at times gives a slight red blush. The pulp is white, fondant and compact. Flavour is slightly sweet, aromatic and not very acidic.



The classic and most popular pear. It is the most widely grown cultivar in Europe, although each macro-area of production offers a product that is distinguished by unique characteristics. The rusty appearance enclosing a crunchy juicy flesh, is sweet and fragrant. It is harvested in mid-August, but is by far the most durable in cold storage. In fact it can be stored for up to 10 months after harvest.


Alexander Kaiser (Bosc)

The pear of the Po Valley, which is grown only in this area. It is distinguished by the skin having different shades of brown, surrounding a particularly crisp and firm pulp. Suitable for many culinary interpretations, it is harvested in September and has a good resistance to cold storage.


The most delicate pear of all, both in taste and a low resistance to handling. Intensely aromatic and juicy, it is harvested between August and September and has a long life in storage .Today we are witnessing a gradual abandonment of this variety because of the low productivity of the trees.