Complete product traceability from the plains of Modena

The fertile plains of Modena and Reggio Emilia are the core of the Fruit Modena Group production area. Our farms are located around the Via Emilia route along the main watercourses that cross the area, the Secchia and Panaro rivers to the east, the Cavo Tresinaro to the west, and the Po to the north. The agricultural landscape is characterized by a broad range of crops colouring the horizon with new and changing shades and tones. Ensuring total traceability of the fruit is the guarantee we give to our customers. Every plot of our members has been registered with software to keep track of the crops we manage. We know the exact age of our orchards, their varietal composition, the number of trees and their place in the land register; and we know how the crops are managed (insurance covering hail, type of irrigation, tree protection treatments, and fertilization). We believe that only careful monitoring can ensure the absolute accuracy of information about the product sold.

Fruit Modena Group holds at least one soil analysis for each of its member farms, complemented by regional soil maps. It also requires careful control of the machinery that applies the pesticides to make sure they are calibrated periodically (at least every 5 years). It is also our custom to take samples sent to accredited laboratories for chemical analyses intended to detect pesticideĀ residues. This sampling is carried out before the delivery of goods to ensure safe and controlled storage.

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