Nature marries the future

It is difficult to imagine that behind packaged fruit and vegetables is an unseen but complex and fascinating technological system. We at Fruit Modena Group know how to marry technology with nature to provide high quality fruit. Even with cold storage significant efforts are made to maintain high quality standards, in line with all the national and EU regulations. This entails the complete computerization of the plants, which allows the constant monitoring of storage conditions, and the ability to control those conditions, even with remote control.
The pride of the Company is the processing room equipped with an NIR (Near InfraRed) system, optical technology that can reveal a type of quality that have not need to show itself to prove its authenticity. The excellence of fruit is not measured at the surface level – it goes beyond the skin, and beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Using the latest NIR technology, you can select fruit and vegetables not only according to size, but also using parameters that describe the taste of the pulp. This happens without any damage to the fruit because there is no physical contact with the fruit during the analysis. At the Campogalliano packing plant, this technology is combined with others, such as the optical scanning of each fruit to determine its diameter as the first selection factor. Also, thanks to a cutting-edge technological system, we can trace the pears to the individual grower while the automatic stamping and palletization by robots, represent the signature on a painting of excellent value.

The other sorting machines located in Sorbara and Campogalliano work with scanners that select the fruit according to diameter and/or weight, and assess the percentage of colored surface. These machines are widely used, especially in Sorbara, where we opted for the high specialization of the plant toward the summer varieties of pears (Morettini, Santa Maria, Williams and Max Red B.). We believe that by specializing our factories we will be able to respond to the customer demands with top efficiency. Fruit Modena Group also makes use of film wrap machines for affixing plastic film to cover the smaller sized boxes (2 to 3 kg net), netting machines that create 1 kg punnets enclosed by a net, film wrap machines to prepare trays, flow packing machines to close small packages with plastic wrap, as well as automatic strapping machines to bind the pallets tightly.

Near InfraRed…

...High Quality Guaranteed!

This technology is already used in other civil areas and was introduced for fruit grading several years ago. The first and largest system for grading pears was developed in Campogalliano centre as of 2001.

This non-destructive technology involves passing fruit through a beam of light. Depending on the light wavelengths emitted by the fruit, the analyzer can determine important internal parameters – such as the firmness of the pulp, sugar content and acidity of the pulp – and is also able to detect any internal defects such as vitrification and browning.