Support shared growth

It is universally acknowledged that the strength of a group has the qualities required to achieve excellence. This is why Fruit Modena Group has decided to build its future starting from the valorisation of all the farms making up its essence. The driving force behind our success is the combination between people and land – and not only. Support for producers begins every day by enhancing the efficiency of orchards and weaving an intense network of contacts with research and training institutions. Safeguarding the environmental heritage is another milestone for the future, since the heart of our production is based on fertile soils in perfect equilibrium with spontaneous flora and fauna, watercourses and everything else that is a part of the history of our homeland.

It is a production area that must be protected in order to ensure that this part of Italy is always capable of expressing the values of excellence for which it is renowned.
Optimisation of agronomic processes and increased efficiency of orchards are the context in which Eurocampo subsidiary cooperative operating all 3 factories and through which our agronomists sell technical supplies – will operate. All the realities making up Fruit Modena Group will thereby be able to rely on guaranteed across-the-board assistance, better operational control and harmonised purchases.

In the awareness that the future passes through technological evolution, Fruit Modena Group has made important investments in packaging and cold storage machinery. Awareness and sharing the values of cooperation will be the cornerstones for involving customers in worldwide distribution in long-term relationships with our company. In a world by now without borders, a leader such as Fruit Modena Group looks with growing interest to the markets that were once considered too far away.


New FMG Orchards

The Coop at the service of its farmers

The agricultural sector is experiencing a complex time of change. Modern farmers have increasingly become land businessmen and the number of production companies is progressively and significantly falling. This evolution has opened the way for people who have never stopped looking to the future by deciding to invest in technology and resources as a way to enhance levels of specialisation. Companies that have taken this important step have found fertile ground for expansion and growth through ceaseless innovation and updating. This is why Fruit Modena Group has backed up the investments of its producers to create new and modern orchards, thereby turning the Cooperative into a reality expanding and becoming better organised every day in readiness to tackle the market of the third millennium.

FMG Farms