The roots of our work

"The history of Fruit Modena Group began long before the foundation of the Cooperative. The principle behind everything is the tradition the company's homeland, memory and knowledge of the past. All this has been handed down across the generations and brought about a natural tendency among local people to grow and produce good, tasty and unique fruit."

Fruit Modena Group

The value of production is based on history, solid foundations and healthy roots. We are well aware that experience is essential in agriculture, together with passion for this kind of work and attention to market changes. These are the values that stimulated the foundation of Fruit Modena Group, the largest structure in the world dedicated to the production and marketing of pears – all Made in Italy.

The company was founded in 2007 following the merger of two historic local realities active in this field for over 40 years: Campofrigo based in Campogalliano and Eurofrutta in Sorbara. The company's philosophy was immediately confirmed by growth in turnover, helping the company to achieve rapid expansion. Today, Fruit Modena Group is the market leader in its reference field and stands out for its ability to offer top-quality fruit.




Sorbara (MO)

Campogalliano (MO)

Rolo (RE)