“Thinking about growing and marketing of pears in Europe today means thinking about the world of Fruit Modena Group”

Fruit Modena Group is passion for the land and work... it is a world where tradition and evolution come together and produce fruits of a spontaneous and natural goodness. The changing seasons paint a picture of our orchards together with the incessant work of all our staff. In a constantly evolving market, the ability to be proactive and ride business changes is an indispensable value. Fruit Modena Group intends to enhance its production through the harvesting, handling, storaging, processing, marketing and promotion of the products supplied by associate farmers through reciprocal assistance and free cooperation. These specific commitments have boosted the value of our products for distributors and consumers. Fruit Modena Group intends to be involved in a real change, by looking to the future and putting itself forward as a partner of excellence in the production and marketing of pears.



Fruit Modena Group is a member of important organisational and other structures, first and foremost Apo-Conerpo, the main producer organisation (P.O.) on a European scale, and Conserve Italia, the continental leader in fresh fruit and vegetables processing, which owns important brands such as:

  • Valfrutta
  • Derby Blue
  • Yoga
  • Cirio
  • St.Mamet
  • Juver
  • De Rica
  • Jolly Colombani

At the same time, Fruit Modena Group is a member of Valfrutta Fresco, a consortium company which sells – in Italy and abroad – top quality produce under this traditional Italian brand name.