We have chosen a broader view

Today as never before, the concept of sustainability is a high priority. Yet to turning this concept into reality means it has to be global. This means already starting off from small gestures to set up practices originating from a culture of respect for people and the environment. It would be trite and simplistic to talk about sustainability merely for a single event – yet when an entire community interprets this new mind set in everyday life, then it can turn into genuine change. Support for recycling, reducing wasted energy, collecting rainwater to help refrigeration equipment keep cool, optimization of internal logistics and caring for green spaces are an established practice for Fruit Modena Group.

Crops are grown in the FMG fields in accordance with Integrated Defence methods since chemical, physical and biological means are only applied in the presence of disease and damage, respecting predatory insects and pollinating insects such as bees, without of course forgetting respect for people and their health.


Our support for the future aims to accomplish sustainable development without compromising resources for generations yet to come; company growth in order to optimize facilities and human resources, as well as manage a technical and cultural heritage which still today suffers from business fragmentation in our territory. Larger farms and more efficient orchards supported by more technology with reduced environmental impact are the scenario that opens up in front of us.